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We’ve long been inspired by Patagonia’s values and commitment to innovative business practices that benefit both the company and its stakeholders. So we were excited to partner with them to launch their Worn Wear online storefront, a customized resale platform that serves as the biggest indication yet that Patagonia is committed to the circular economy.

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Eileen Fisher has been taking back its clothing since 2009, long before “circular economy” was a buzzword. Recently, they partnered with Yerdle to scale their ahead-of-its-time re-wear program to meet growing customer demand. Eileen Fisher Renew reaffirms the company’s commitment to creating a future without waste.

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The nation’s largest consumer cooperative, REI is well known for its commitment to environmental stewardship, conservation and education—as well as its quality gear. With the launch of their resale site, REI Used Gear is embarking on the logical next step in its years-long campaign to rethink consumerism.


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