Yerdle makes it easy for brands to buy back and resell used items by providing technology and logistics to develop white-label resale programs.

We’re honored that Patagonia, Eileen Fisher and REI have partnered with Yerdle to launch and operate their groundbreaking recommerce programs. Find out more here.

Why Recommerce?

The realities of modern retail

Brands get left behind after the initial sale, leaving secondary marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to make billions from the resale of their products. More than ever, brands need new ways to deepen engagement with their customers.

Reclaim the secondary market

By partnering with Yerdle, brands take control of resale—increasing profits, deepening customer engagement and lowering the environmental and social cost of the stuff we buy. Yerdle brings resale expertise, innovative technology and manages end-to-end logistics expertise to build white-label platforms that give brands the power to reclaim the secondary market.

How Yerdle works
Rewarehouse logistics
Resale platform
Customer database & logistics
Take back & trade in
Program design, learning & iteration
Rewarehouse logistics
Receive, clean, repair, photograph, mark and post items in preparation for sale, fulfillment and handling of customer service/returns
Resale platform
Build and operate a custom, social media-friendly mobile site tailored to one-of-a-kind items
Customer database & logistics
Capture, analyze and report data
Take back & trade in
Collect items in-store, through prepaid shipping and door pickup (select markets)
Program design, learning & iteration
Develop the identity and design for the resale platform

The Yerdle Difference

Traditional commerce models are tailored to handle large quantities of individual SKUs, but Yerdle is specially built to receive, evaluate, photograph, post and ship one-of-a-kind items. Our white-label technology and logistics are developed specific to our partner brands to address the unique challenges they face. It’s this customized approach that sets brands apart and allows them to thrive in the secondary market.

How Yerdle Can Help

Resale expertise
A pioneer of the sharing economy, Yerdle delivers experience in mass-market retail, peer-to-peer distribution and online resale.
Technology & logistics
Yerdle develops white-label solutions that integrate seamlessly with a brand’s existing infrastructure, deepening customer engagement and extending the authentic brand experience across the life of the product.
Adding product value
Yerdle increases the value of a product by providing an easy way for customers to sell it back to the brand when they have no use for it anymore, earning the brand another opportunity for conversion.
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